M.Y.: Yo wassap movie freaks! Welcome to Sodas and Popcorn people!

Terdoh: Quiet bro. Some of us are trying to unwind.

M.Y.: So I can’t welcome guys to their favourite Nigerian movie review blog again?

Terdoh: Ugh! Can we just review the movie?

M.Y.: Fine…fine. Today, ladies and gentlemen and the Unknown, we’re reviewing Hoodrush!

Terdoh: *straight face* you’re really happy today.

M.Y.: Hey, it’s not every time we find a review worthy Nigerian movie. I know the readers are going “They’re reviewing Hoodrush? A Nigerian movie? Hell no!” But wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Before you crucify us and click that little red button to close your browser, this one was worth it, unlike a movie that shall not be named that was about a last flight to a nation’s capital. *eyes rolling*

Terdoh: Ooooh! Low blow! The others haven’t watched this movie so it’s just gonna be you and I. Anyway, who is responsible for this one?

M.Y.: Hoodrush is directed by Dimeji Ajibola and features OC Ukeje as Shez, Bimbo Akintola as Alhaja, Gabriel Afolayana as Tavia , Chelsea Eze as Shakira, and Ijeoma Agu as Kelechi to name a few. It’s basically a story about two brothers Tavia and Shez who are very talented musicians. Trying to make ends meet, they both go down two completely different roads in their methods of becoming successful. Tavia wants to win the grand prize in the prestigious African musical talent hunt show and Shez seeks solace in the hands (and maybe legs) of Alhaja, a rich woman who seems to have more up her sleeves than we can see. The story takes a different turn when Shez makes a dangerous discovery and finds out that…

Terdoh: Eyss Eyss! Don’t tell them the entire movie na! You want to give away spoilers? Don’t worry guys. M.Y. doesn’t talk this much in real life.

M.Y.: Haha! Please. Let’s discuss the script.


The Script


M.Y.: This was a very beautiful script filled with lots of suspense, intrigue, emotion and a lil bit of good ol’ action and my least favourite, “the singing”

Terdoh: Ugh! The singing…

M.Y.: In my opinion, this movie would have been perfect with a lot less singing, except for Kelechi’s song to motivate our dear Tavia and then Tavia’s auditioning. There were some flaws also, the sound production was not good enough for me. It was so obvious they were lip synching and you could hardly hear the conversations during the club scenes. Asides these lil flaws, it was a beautiful script.

Terdoh: I think every grown person hates musicals. I grew up watching those gay individuals dancing in the meadows and singing to the skies on Disney and I always thought “What is wrong with this one? You’re owing school fees and you’re there singing.” so I’m not clinically inclined towards musicals. When I heard the movie was a Nigerian musical I automatically wrote it off, but I gotta say, whoever wrote the script really pulled this one off. It had unexpected turns I did not anticipate. But…

M.Y.: But what?

Terdoh: The singing yo…

M.Y.: *rolls eyes*


The Directing


M.Y.: Dimeji Ajibola did a great job in this movie. For a relative new comer in the industry he smashed it. The locations, actors, the script, the twists and turns in the story they were all awesomely executed and I will be sure to look out for more of his movies in the future. But I have one lil’ problem sha…

Terdoh: Just one?

M.Y.: Do like Kanye and let me finish. Anyway, I said it before and I am sorry to say it again, some of the songs and performances were not just cool for me, at all. You need proof? Okay, I’ll give you. What the hell was that performance Shez and Alhaja did in the bedroom to appease her for coming home late?

Terdoh: Are we gonna talk about the over acting Negro who I believe didn’t know he won just an audition not the actual African icon competition?

M.Y.: Haha!

Terdoh: There were many awesome scenes though. The flashbacks were beautiful, the sex scenes were top notch, the fight scenes were actually believable, even better than some Hollywood struggle scenes, so yes. Amazing stuff…

M.Y.: Chelsea Eze can’t kiss to save her life though.

Terdoh: I couldn’t disagree less.

M.Y.: Nevertheless good job sir.


The Acting


Terdoh: Everyone in this movie put up a really lovely performance.

M.Y.: Yes, but most of all, my best act in this movie was Bimbo Akintola, it’s been long I saw her in any role but seeing her performance in this one reminded me of the lovely ones she’s carried out in the likes of Diamond Ring and Dangerous Twins both movies directed by the legendary Tade Ogidan. She played the role of the villain in this movie, and she did that pretty well.

Terdoh: She was gangsta yo!!!

M.Y.: Her reaction to Shez’s entrance into the club with him and Shakira holding hands was just perfect for me. Big ups to her.

Terdoh: Like I was genuinely scared for Shez’s manhood yo. But on two serious notes, the acting in this movie was as good as you can get from Nollywood. I was expecting much less, so I was impressed. This thing about low expectations…


Our Verdict


Terdoh: This is a tough one for me. Imma let you handle this.

M.Y.: I went into the theatre like a soldier just deployed to the war front, heart racing all over the place and for what reason? Just because it is a Nigerian movie…This should not be the case. We should be past the level we are at right now in Nollywood. You guys have got it in you, this movie in my opinion proved that and comfortably earned a Popcorn and Soda from me (please refer to our introductory post for rating systems). I must also note another Nollywood production that impressed me this year; Phoneswap. I laughed from the beginning till the end of the movie. Big ups to Kunle Afolayan for that wonderful job.

Terdoh: So that’s it folks, this is a movie I recommend you watch. Yeah, I’m not saying go with high hopes, but you will be impressed. This movie was amazing.

M.Y.: See you guys next week, when we will be reviewing Skyfall.


13 thoughts on “Hoodrush

  1. D movie is very ok oo. Bur deres one little tin dat happened at d end of d movie dat I don’t understand. How come tavia’s girlfrend was already lookn all tush evn before he won d competition, where did she get money from? * confused face*

    • Playing the Director’s advocate here, the competition probably lasted a while. Not just one or two days. Money must have been made, friendships (in high places) must have been created, Tavia himself was in a suit, needless to say, it would have flowed to Kelechi.

      So yeah, her “looking all fresh” is sorta justifiable.

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  3. Nice one from Dimeji Ajibola. It’s a giant stride coming from Nollywood. Its good to know that you encourage freshness and fresh breathe in Nollywood. I’ve seen the movie and I’ll say a big kudos to the cast and crew.
    You just wait till you see ‘BEYOND THE SCORELINE’ Its Fresh, it’s hot, it’s daring.

  4. I’m quite surprised that TBH didn’t partake in this review seeing as he’s mostly watching Africa Magic but then again I’m sure this was seen in a cinema, so he’ll be like 2 years late…LOL

    I kid..

    I honestly didn’t read the review cos it’s a Nigerian movie. I’ll see you guys at the Skyfall review.

  5. I agree with you guys a bit sha ooo… But i’d rather go with last flight, if we were to vote by CGI Vs. Singing! I love musicals&was disgusted at their musical performances! To think that they were music stars was insulting! Seeing Bimbo again was refreshing! I almost cried(not because of her acting, no way!) but for the fact that the movie made me realise i had missed her so much&i began to wonder what she has been doing with her life. Is she married yet? Does she have kids?

  6. Some of you guys need a fact check. Hip Hop wasn't born out of socially deviant behavior. It was born out of the need to cope with societal oppression.When Hip Hop became a highly lucrative and commercial entity, that's when it started to go the direction of ho's, bling, and baby mama drama.

  7. Aliceee!bentornata!io ogni tanto una capatina speranzosa la rifacevo,ma ogni volta rivedevo quei macarons rosa (bellissimi per l'amor di dio eeh) e me ne andavo via sconsolata! son contenta di leggere tue nuove notizie,e quando son buone notizie,siam tutti ancora più contenti!e quando c'è di mezzo una apple pie,lo siamo ancora di più.a presto,ci conto!:)

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